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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Sleeping disorder

Insomnia is a symptom and it is not a medical problem. It’s a sign that something isn’t working right for you. I suggest to you trying the following tips:

1. Sleep in a comfortable bed. A firm mattress and pillow are best.

2. Make sure your bedroom is conducive to sleep. Most people sleep best in a room that's a bit cooler than normally desired when awake.

3. Take a bath. Think bubbles and candlelight.

4. Drink a glass of warm milk or a cup of herb tea. Milk is rich in calcium and l-tryptophan, which help your body prepare for sleep.

5. Do a relaxation exercise. Breathe deeply, listen to soothing music, or let your mind wander.

6. Do some light reading. Choose a book you can easily pick up and put down.

7. Say good night to your worries and shut the bedroom door on them. Literally. Or write them down and close the book on them; whatever it takes.

8. Make sure your last hour before bed is as peaceful as possible. Skip scary movies and save intense conversations for a better time.

9. Allow yourself to sleep -- or stay awake, if your body so chooses. In other words, don't try to force or control anything. You can't force sleep.

10. Get up after 30 minutes or so and do something you like or need to do. If you can't sleep, you may as well be productive.

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RerameUngu said...

good info..back then i used to have this problem and luckily get to manage it. i did follow the steps in here and it works somehow..:)

Pagg Supplements said...

Thats a great post as i am also suffering from asleep problem. I will definitely taken this these steps to sleep better.

Ida Zuraida said...

ReramaUngu: Thanks, am glad that it worked for you. I believe if everyone reads and understand, they will be able to manage it too.. :-)

Ida Zuraida said...

Pagg Supplements: Thanks, many people have read and tried n it worked for them. Hope it will work for you too. Gud luck and hv a gud sleep :-)

Health Partners said...

I have read this post, very nice information and if Lose water weight in day could I want to suggest you few interesting things or advice.

Thank you

Ida Zuraida said...

Health Partners: sure.. you are most welcome to suggest whatever u think appropriate :-)

Magrib said...

wah, tertarik pada penulisan anda. minat, best. suka baca entry anda. follow anda ya..

Ini entry terbaru saya.
Koleksi gambar wanita cacat otak
Matlamat Ramadhan
Maaf Blog gua tergendala.

miss Tira said...

thnx 4 sharing :)

Ida Zuraida said...

Miss Tyra: you are welcome.. sharing is caring ;-)

BlogS of Hariyanto said...

nice info :)

ifwat said...

nice share :) suitable tips for hard-sleep-night like me .. hehe

syiela said...

nice info.. sometimes need the tips

awie958 said...

nice tips, thanks you very much

Ida Zuraida said...

Blogs og Hariyanto, ifwat, syiela, awie958: tq for reading..

pagg stack said...

It was an information with value and depth.

Amy Tyler said...

Your blog is great and very useful, I found that just eating a child portion lost weight for me.
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