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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


An Inflammatory Disorder of the Airways

November last year, the news says David Beckham suffered from asthma since childhood although there was no recognition of their own. Reason, when Beckham is seen using inhaller (ventilator) during the final of the Cup Major League Soccer, the Los Angeles Galaxy against Real Salt Lake. If true, David managed to control the disease as seen previously he had never seen a problem breathing when playing football.

Asthma specialist Dr. John Dickinson said, many athletes suffer from asthma. In 2004, nearly 2 percent of the British Olympic team was diagnosed with asthma and increased to 25 percent in 2008. Add Dr John, cycling and swimming are the highest group suffering from asthma for almost 50 percent.


* Nearly 300 million people worldwide suffer from asthma and this figure is estimated to increase by 100 million hit in 2025

* Findings from recent studies show that Asia Pacific had levels of school absenteeism is higher due to poor asthma control compared with the American States and European countries


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