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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


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A Simple Way How to Handle Stress

How to Handle Stress
In everyone's life contains stress. It could be caused by school homework, a bad boss at work, annoying co-workers, a lack of money, your children, a cheating spouse or maybe a combination. Whatever the cause of your stress, living in a state of stress means that your body is in a constant state of fight or flight. Something that is good in a life or death situation but not on a constant basis.

The effects of living in a state of stress are numerous and very unhealthy. The first thing that you need to do is to learn to relax, because when you're filled with anxiety it's almost impossible to even think clearly enough to solve your problems.

The following article on how to handle stress contains several hints and tips on removing stress from your life.
Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need:

  • deep breathing
  • yoga
  • walking
  • hypnosis
  • friends

    nice view beach
    Use deep breathing:
    First get into a comfortable position and close your eyes. Then breath in through your nostrils for five seconds and repeat the word "in" under your breath. Then breath out for five seconds and repeat the word "out" under your breath. Continue your deep breath for a few minutes while visualizing your self at the beach or in some other relaxing situation.

  • hypnosis
    Use self hypnosis:
    A hypnosis tape can provide immediate relief for stress.

    Learn yoga:
    Try and check out a yoga tape from you local library, most people find that it helps immensely. Yoga, walking or other types of exercise has been proven to relax the mind and body thus helping to relieve stress.
  • Spend time with friends:
    Everyone needs someone to talk to, which is why spending time with family and friends can be so important.

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    Tips & Warnings

    • unplug your telephone and take a hot bath.
    • watch a funny sitcom, or movie.
    • take some me time and go to a spa, or maybe a weekend away just relaxing.
    • Problems with stress can be very dangerous if ignored.
    • If ever you feel that your problems are too much to handle quickly seek medical advice. Your life is worth too much to waste!

    Things that are associated with stress

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